Transparent Coloured Film

Vibrant colour with optical quality…

Challenged by the on site Architects we scoured the UK for a transparent coloured film to uplift the glass facade in this office block complex. Due to the 1400mm width of the glass, the architects could not find a film wider than 1230mm but since approaching Bonwyke Design, found we could supply 1520mm widths. This range is pretty much unique in the industry at this wider width and because they are made of PET material they are optically clear without distortion.

ProLam and Digital print on one of the buildings at Network Rail HQ in Milton Keynes
Optically clear film does not effect the clarity when looking through glass.

Laurence Orsini, of GMW Architects of London, wanted to give a unique visual effect to the central atrium area of this office block complex. “without the influence of colour the whole vista was lacking the visual impact that a building such as this required. I wanted to get vibrancy in to the glass but timescales in manufacture meant a retro fit was the only oprion” Laurence continues “Bonwyke’s transparent range of film gave me more choice for colour and due to the extended width of the film meant no join was required”

It is amazing to see how the use of colour changes the whole appearance of the area. Viewing out from the offices gives a new depth to the visual field and enlightens the vista across the whole length of the building.