Teenage Cancer Trust


Bonwyke Design Teenage Cancer Trust
A combination of wallcovering and printed privacy film. The design continues through one medium to the other.

We worked closely with architects Allford, Hall, Monaghan & Morris on the designs and layout for the rooms. The challenge, as always, was with the time allowed for the project but with great help from our install teams, putting in the extra hours, all was finished on time.


This is a great organisation to be invloved with at this level. Cancer has touched many of us, both directly and indirectly, but it is especially poigniant when young people are affected.

We know young people have a much better chance of survival if they are treated together, by teenage cancers experts, in an environment designed just for them”

The Trust  is there to help such young individuals and cleverley uses these same individuals, who’ve experienced all of the roller coaster of emotions, to then go out and talk with and help others in the same situation. It also helps treat teenagers in an environment which they are familiar with, helping to put them at ease throught he treatment process.

Hope we’ve helped in some small way!