Ryton Park Primary School


It’s amazing how quickly things come around and it doesn’t seem 6 weeks, let alone the 6 months, that we first visited Ryton Park Primary School near Worksop. The school was a brand new build by Interserve Projects and back in August 2011 we were commissioned by the school to complete the primary graphic content of an on-going artistic plan.

Bonwyke Design signage at Ryton Park Primary School
External signage seen from out the school

The school’s Head teacher, Richard Lilley, was very keen to give the school a definite identity of its own, right from the very start. This included the whole concept of how the school was seen by others. Bonwyke Design entered into a partnership with Design Image to achieve Richard’s expectations.

Phase 1

Phase 1 involved creating the theme that would carry through the whole project and then implementing the signage and manifestations to meet with Building Regulations and H&S requirements, to get the school opened. This involved door signage, entrance signs, glazing manifestations and directional signage.

Bonwyke Design internal graphics at Ryton Park School
Internal graphics as seen from inside.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the interesting one for us and the guys at Design Image. These works are for more decorative purposes and allows the school to reinforce its mantra throughout the building. We are being commissioned to install wall and glazing graphics into the heart of the school using inspirational phrases and themes for the children to pick up on.

Bonwyke Design internal graphics at Ryton Park School
Themed designs covering the school walls throughout the building.

This has been one of our most enjoyable projects over the past few years. It has been a privilege to work with such a forward thinking education administrator, such as Richard, and has given us a real insight as to how visual images can change the minds and views of everyone.