Radisson Blu Halle Concert Hall

Bonwyke Design have just finished one of their most interesting projects yet undertaken. High end hotel chain Radisson Blu took over and converted the Halle Concert hall and made it into a 5 star hotel in Manchester.

Bonwyke Design Radisson Blu design

Given the enormous history attached to the building, with such stars performing there over the years such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, The Rolling Stones, Queen, ABBA and even Churchill himself offering some of his great speeches, the chance to use that history was just too tempting for Johanna Browne when she was looking at how to create the decor of the grand hall.

Bonwyke Design install at Radisson Blu

The hall’s function is to be multi purpose; one evening a dining area the next day a wedding celebration, so the decor needed to be passive but interesting. Dividing the hall into potential sections were three sets of partitioning dividers. Bonwyke were asked to design and create a concept that would pitch the history of the Halle hall with the subtalty of modern day colour schemes. The designs needed to be both eye catching but not prominent; a hard brief but neatly achieved here.

Bonwyke printed this 240 sqm installation using eco solvent inks to their own proLAM wall vinyl and installed over a four day period, during the down time of the hall. For more information on our design capabilities or visual graphics production gives us a call on 01329 289621.