Luton Airport

Solar and visual solutions….

Bonwyke Design’s latest large scale works have been to complete a complicated set of solutions for Luton International Airport.

Luton’s main Departures’ lounge has a large glass skylight roof which is a main feature for the travellers waiting below. The only downside has been the large amount of Solar Gain building up in the area and making things pretty uncomfortable during the summer months.

Bonwyke Design’s team were able to apply Hanita UK’s SolarZone window film to reflect upto 80% of the solar gain entering the area, dramatically reducing the energy loading on the HVAC system. This gives a great saving on energy costs, lowers Carbon Emmisions and provides a comfortable atmosphere for waiting travellers, even on a warm sunny day.

Visual Enhancement….

Super banners hanging at Luton Airport

Printed Mesh Banners

Luton’s innovative team of marketing people, headed by Jackie Bowry, thought the area could be used to help advertise the services of their clients. Bonwyke Design took this idea and looked to the same skylight area to add some advertising space. Working with the airports client, Monarch Airlines, Bonwyke Design manufactured and installed two large format printed mesh banners to the glass roof area. Designed to be replaceable the area can be used many times over for different campaigns.

Many congratulations must go to Bonwyke Design’s certified installation and contracts team who had to work at height (over 8m) from powered access machines and during a very short nightly working window of just 3 hours per night. Good project management for this install was critical as the works were ‘airside’ of security and had to be covered with £20 million’s worth of insurance cover. Bonwyke’s ability to carry out this install, complete from manufacture through to installation, coupled with the ‘in house’ project team helped to make this project run so smoothly.

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