Helping Commuters with DDA Regulations

DDA Regulations

Helping commuters avoid accidents….

With all of the large format graphic work that we do here at Bonwyke Design it’s easy to over look the simpler but still very necessary work that makes glass areas comply with the latest Building Regulations.

Bonwyke Design recently completed these works at Kings Cross station in London. It comprised the cutting and installing of manifestation ‘soldiers’ at 150mm height over two rows for the complete length of the floor to ceiling curtain walling sections.

Bonwyke Design DDA reg rectangles applied to glass
DDA regulation decals application to stop commuters walking in to the glass

The original requirement was for one row of a visual manifestation to glazing, so as to make the glass apparent to people in circulation of the glass area. This was to be carried out with a specific RAL colour to conform with the station’s colour signage scheme and had to be made from a Class A rated fire retardant material.

As of May 2005, under Document ‘M’ of the current Building Regulations new requirements are required of manifestation decals so as to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This regulation now allows for a lower band of manifestation to be applied to make visible the glass area to wheel chair users.

To comply with the regulation a visual manifestation, of at least 50mm height, must be applied to the glazed area in a lower section between 800mm – 1000mm from finished floor level (ffl) and another band between 1400mm and 1600mm ffl. Bonwyke Design’s installation teams use Laser levels across the glass to make sure the bands line up and look true across the full length.

For more information on the visual enhancement of glazing and the DDA regulations contact us on 01329 289621 or email us at [email protected]