Bonwyke Design was started back in 1980 and has grown to be one of the largest supply and installer of graphics and window film in the UK.

Our name derives from the story of an old village named Bonwyke which sits along the southern border of France. Back before window film had any technological advances, the people of the village had to protect their glass from the elements blown up by the mediterranean winds.

To avoid their windows from becoming sand blasted over time, they would regularly place pieces of what ever see-through materials they could source on to the glass. The result would be a stained-glass looking protective surface.

It is thought that this is how we may have arrived to where we are with glazing graphics and film to this very day. Bonwyke Design has been aptly named to carry on the legacy of the little known town that made such a difference.

Bonwyke Design

/bonˈwɪke – deˈzɪne/

1.  Specialists in the design, production and installation of printed graphics, cut-vinyl, signs and window film:
Bonwyke Design installed a fabulous job in London.

Meet our team.

Bonwyke Design - Chris


Managing Director

Chris has been MD for Bonwyke since 2005 having joined the company back in the glorious 1980’s. He rules with a rod of iron, as you can imagine, but everyone here knows that he makes it up as he goes along!

He’s very humble about his achievements but his vision and efforts have seen the company grow year upon year.

He’s a sailor in his spare time, taking to the finest sailing water in the world on the Solent and loves nothing more than walking his aged best friend, Lola the black Lab.

David O

Sales Director

Overall responsibility for the Sales & Marketing of the business. Sends charts and graphs out quite regularly, that nobody really understands, and goes on about conversion rates. Can regularly be found in the Sales pipeline examining things.

In his spare time David can be found walking the dogs, out on his motorbike, up the allotment, down the gym or at the pub.o.


Head of Design

A multi-disciplined designer, Jon is to Bonwyke Design what Gary Barlow is to Take That. Joining the small team back in 2005 where we were just producing regulation decals from a single 1220mm vinyl cutter.

It was hit or miss whether the department would grow or not. Since then, his talents and development backed every step of the way by Chris, have paved the way for the business to be one of the largest design and production outfits in the country – working with some of the largest brands in the world.

With a degree in graphic design and qualifications in art, design and technical drawing, he continues to learn new skills and adapt his knowledge in to the company.

He enjoys spending time his young family and is an ardent photographer. His passion for design and to learn has led him to create brands and identities for small businesses on a freelance basis.


Graphics Manager

The young talents of Chloe has allowed Bonwyke Design to shift in to another gear. Her work has been pasted across the whole country in many different forms. Her qualifications in design have allowed her to fall in to her role perfectly.

She is a gateway for the whole department and makes sure all the jobs for production are executed smoothly and more importantly, within the tight deadline that is always given.

Even during her time at school, Chloe has been helping at the company where she has worked in different departments up to when she completed college. She has always been a valuable asset at Bonwyke Design.

Chloe likes to keep fit by participating in pole fitness and enjoys watching her favourite bands or spending time with her true love… her cats!


Graphics Production

Ben takes care of all of the graphics that gets manufactured. Vast knowledge is needed to finish the ever-growing number of applications that go out of the door. This ranges from laminating, applying application tape, making signs, trimming boards, designing decals and the list goes on.

Sometimes with the amount of work leaving the doors, you’ll often find Ben slogging away after hours. He plays football semi-professionally and loves taking his family out.



Having recently graduated with a degree in graphic design, Alan has been bought into the team to grow with the company. Creating usable artwork and preparing jobs ready for production has been second nature to him.

Alan is obsessed by pugs and is an avid fan of sleeping. He enjoys movies and socialising with his friends.


Graphics Production

Jake is a new additional to the team and has been taken under Ben’s wing to split the workload. You’ll often know when Jake is close by as he’ll either be belting out hits by Barry Manilow or prancing around like the Billy Elliot.

He plays football alongside Ben and loves to teach him a thing or two when they challenge each other to online gaming.



Customers care calls, chasing leads and generating new business.

Katie likes to spend time with her family down the beach, playing for her local darts team and belly dancing.


Installation Sales Manager

Since Greg’s arrival, Bonwyke Design has tapped in to a much larger clientèle and broke in to many more areas of the industry. He gets a lot of complaints from within the company but for giving the team too much work to do! Along with his business acumen, he is one of the pillars of Bonwyke Design.

He is in to a lot of sporting activities where he competes in triathlons, boxing, a keen footballer and spends a lot of time up the gym.


Sales and Business Development

New to the business, Dan predominantly generates new business while closing off existing business ensuring complete customer satisfaction and promoting high client retention. Dan maintains the company Sales Forecast as well as manages Bonwyke Design’s social media accounts.

Dan is a board sports enthusiast such as Snowboarding and Surfing and also spends a lot of his free time playing football and going to the gym.



Karen brings new business to the company through a wide variety of channels. She helps out on the sales desk creating orders and dealing with enquiries as well as the new online shop.

She loves to sleep and enjoys socialising with friends.



Louise takes care of wholesale enquiries and processes orders.

The little spare time she gets is taken up with driving the kids all over the country bmx’ing. She enjoys a glass or two of wine/beer and is a big lover of her VW Vans.


Internal Sales Manager

Alison’s main priority is looking after the customers, stock control and the management of the transport couriers. Renowned for her negotiation skills, Alison strives to get the best deals for our customers.

She has had plenty of hobbies over the years but the one that tops them all these days, is looking after her Grandchildren.


Stores Manager

Scott is one of the longest serving members at the company. Everything that goes out of the doors to our wholesale customers goes through him before being delivered. He prides himself in attention to detail and runs an efficient warehouse.

When he isn’t manning the warehouse, Scott’s time is taken up looking after his large family. He enjoys his photography, films, long walks and training up the gym.


Office Manager

Angie has been with Bonwyke since 1999, she overseas the running of the office and taking on the ever growing number of duties bestowed upon her.

In her spare time she enjoys a bit of Zumba, drinking wine & spending time with her family.


Installations Manager

Grant has one of the most difficult jobs in the company… looking after the fitters! In the early days, he used to manage the whole team of installers across the country single handedly. Since expanding, he now has a dedicated department supporting the heavy work flow.

In his spare time you can find him either tending to the veg in his allotment or out on the train bridges with a notepad and a pair of binoculars. He also enjoys spending time with his family where he brainwashes his kids in to loving 80’s music.



Natalie sets up installation jobs and tends to contract enquiries.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, watching her son play football, shopping with her daughter and walking her dog.



Jemma sets up installation jobs and tends to contract enquiries.

Away from work, she loves spending time with her family and pets.



Martin sets up job for our installation team and books in the fitters to the work sorting out RAMS for the work too if needed. Also sorts out any enquires that comes in to the dept. Being ex stores (promoted from within) will also cover for Scott when he is on holiday.

Martin is an all-round action man having been in a former life in the Army and Fire Service before joining Bonwyke.

When not swinging a lamp about his former days he is a keen photographer, Racquetball player and cyclist and might once in a while use the gym. But does enjoy weekends away with the family in our caravan at Selsey having a beer or two to unwind.



One of the more vibrant characters in the company, Andy loves to lift spirits with his wacky persona. Somehow, he has always been involved in a job position with high responsibility but this may be due to his well educated brain as opposed to his humour.

Andy has more hobbies than the number of well groomed teeth on display when he smiles. When he’s not catching up with yesterday’s emails, he is a keen cyclist, walker, badminton player, toy collector, part-time Storm-Trooper… he enjoys riding his motorbike, 4×4… and the list goes on.

There has always been a power-struggle to who owns the title of biggest geek between himself and Grant but we believe Andy is just edging it.



Trish has been somewhat of an all-rounder at Bonwyke Design. Having filled a number of positions around the office and stepping up each time to where her skills may be needed.

In her spare time she enjoys playing for her local darts team, watching Pompey play, going to gigs, belly dancing, bingo nights and spending time with her family.


Head Installer

Johnnie looks after the main installation team. He has a wealth of experience in the trade and is adept at problem solving.

On the odd occasion when he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and pet pug.



Dean has been with the company since leaving school. He started off in the stores and is now one of our most accomplished fitters.

He is a keen footballer and devoted family man.

Still to come: Accounts and installation squad. Stay tuned…

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